2BPurple is a provider of Integrated Communication Services and is committed to using the most effective and efficient methods to deliver results.

In a global environment in which everything is interconnected,‭ ‬incomplete solutions are never efficient.‭ ‬2BPurple is a fully comprehensive service company.‭ ‬We provide our clients with an overview optimized for the most appropriate channels for circulation,‭ ‬marketing or distribution.

Our clients are unique and require custom solutions tailor made to their needs.We provide a suite of options to deploy to a wide range of situations,‭ ‬from product promotion,‭ ‬advertising,‭ ‬business strategy design or event organisation, we have the tools to meet your needs.

  • Custom shows and themed events
  • Showrooms and exhibitions
  • Celebrations for businesses and individuals
  • Social functions,‭ ‬parties and anniversaries
  • Product Launches
  • Openings
  • Event decoration
  • High-end car rental
  • On and off-line communication
  • Strategic consulting
  • Road shows and street marketing
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